TrackServer Information Page

TrackServer, Inc. is a new company located in Fall River, Massachusetts, that was formed by OceanServer Technology to commercialize an underwater acoustic positioning method patented by OceanServer in 2005.  This technology is broadly applicable to most underwater positioning, navigation and tracking challenges, many beyond the scope of OceanSever’s AUV development business. 


TrackServer, Inc. has developed a simplified method of acoustic positioning - trade named EchoRanger - that enables a subsurface device such as an AUV, ROV, or Diver Handheld to accurately derive its position.  This technology, based on one-way communication (listen-only), eliminates the hand-shake exchanges of other positioning method such as LBL and USBL, which are often unpredictable in acoustically complex environments.


The electronics can also be enabled to transmit as well as receive, which permits an operator with a surface piercing gateway buoy to monitor positioning and status in real-time via wireless RF or Iridium, and issue Command and Control instructions to the subsurface device.  Pre-defined behaviors carried by the subsurface device can be triggered by the operator via wireless comms to the surface buoy, or via acoustic modem.