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The Iver3 family of vehicles are modern workhorse AUVs designed for coastal data collection. The system is designed to give a single operator the ability to run several vehicles, including launch and retrieval. 14 years of development have gone into easy of use, reliable operation and safety features that avoid the loss of a vehicle. The Iver system is the first affordable, commercial AUV with standard pricing.

Iver3-580-Standard AUV

Simple to operate survey class AUV with a variety of high resolution sonar options, swappable battery section and simple operation.

Configure & Quote Your Iver3
Iver3-580-EP Expandable Payload -AUV

Iver3-EP models provide users with an open system design for remote helm and sensor development. Simple API, multiple payload options (EP, EP10 & EP16) for rapid development

Configure & Quote Your Iver3-EP

Towed Magnetometer
EdgeTech Side Scan Sonar & Bathy
Klein Side Scan Sonar & Bathy
Handheld Remote Controller
DVL: 4,6 or 10 beam with optional ADCP function
Other Side Scan Sonar Options
Multibeam Sonar
Acoustic Modems
Operator Console
Launch & Recovery Device
AUV Camera Systems
Antenna Mast
CTD or Sound Velocity
Navigation Accuracy
VectorMAP: Mission planning and data viewing package. Plan missions in minutes, transfer operating files directly to the Iver.

SonarMosaicing: Processes sonar records for overlaying on the VectorMAP mission planner charts.

UVC – Underwater Vehicle Control system. Simple operation, LOAD MISSION, PLAY and your running. Optional remote helm/backseat driver for user extensions of the EP-AUV.