Iver Navigation Accuracy

OceanServer offers the most affordable AUV platform with repeatable and very accurate navigation.  The Iver platform's average navigational accuracy is 1% or  better (depending on the configuration)  distance traveled CEP 95 in real-time.  The standard low cost approach is done without the aid of transponders or an INS.  The AUV algorithms utilize the data from multiple sensor inputs (GPS, digital compass, DVL, CT Data) with a single  in-water calibration step to provide exceptional navigation.  Vehicle accuracy can be further improved by post processing (accurate as GPS) or OceanServer offers INS and acoustic transponder options.  Depending on the vehicle configuration, Iver AUV sensor data can also be post processed (such as Side Scan and Multibeam data sets).

The above sonar image collected with the Iver AUV shows the precision accuracy.  The sonar image layer is overlaid on the latest Google Earth image which clearly highlights the alignment with shoreline landmarks.  VectorMap offers users one touch sweep tools which allow the vehicle to surface at the end of each sweep and acquire GPS readings for the best accuracy (no user intervention).

Video Link to Google Earth Example