Iver3-580 EP (Expandable Payload) AUV

Reliable open system design includes API for remote helm applications and additional payload sections

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The Iver3-580 EP incorporates all of the standard Iver3 features along with options for added forward payload sections and an intuitive API for remote helm applications .  This autonomous system benefits from 14 years of experience in building reliable systems with well over 250 AUVs shipped. The EP model is an open system, where the users can install their hardware and make software extensions to the vehicle without a custom design. L3 OceanServer provides physical space inside the forward section for user electronics as well as hull penetrators to make connections to external sensors. The remote helm design model includes a separate CPU, which allows the users to install their own operating system that can connect to the added hardware. The second CPU communicates with the Iver3 control CPU through a serial port via a rich set of commands for remote helm control. The user applications are wide ranging including remote helm use with MOOS-IvP (Mission Oriented Operating Suite – Interval Programming) software.

Iver3-580 EP Features:

• Standard Length: 60-85 inches depending on forward payload section
• Base weight (standard vehicle) <85 lbs man-portable.
• Extended Range DVL options for 80 plus meter bottom lock and ADCP
• 100m depth rating (deeper options available)
• 8-14 hours endurance at speed of 2.5 knots (configuration dependent)
• 1-4 knots speed range using Smart Motor: 48 V DC servo controlled motor with speed feedback
• GPS/Wifi (802.11n Ethernet standard) Fixed Antenna mast with LED for visual location and integrated satellite based augmentation system reception capability (Iridium and Acomms optional)
• Swappable Battery Section (Eight 98 Whr Battery Packs for 760 Watt-hour capacity)
• Two Dual Core 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Low Power CPUs with Windows Embedded on the primary drive and the second drive is for the user to install their own software
• Two different forward payload sections for users to pick from to meet their custom requirements (EP10/ EP16 or users can create custom sections)
• 1 TB (or larger) Solid State Drive for Operation & Data Storage
• External Charge port includes USB port for high speed data access
• Integrated WiFi Hub for rapid data movement
• World Class Sonar Options (L3 Klein, EdgeTech, StarFish..etc) including L3 OceanServer's rapid assessment tools to create GeoTiff images of side scan records and KMZ files for Google Earth
• Built for continuous operation, virtually maintenance free, intuitive operation and mission planning in minutes

Iver3-580 EP10 model shown with 10" forward payload section